OpenSource Architecture workshops

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OpenSource Architetcure workshops for the design and building of a School and Children’s Home in the Mkuranga District, near Dar el Salam, Tanzania

The workshops will seek planning, landscape, architectural and construction proposals for the design and build of a School and Children’s Home complex and institution in Tanzania, Africa. The work will address social and economic needs as well as environmental and functional requirements in a region of limited resources. The project is envisioned to become a prototypical model of similar institutions to be developed in Africa. In the first stage design teams will work in an atelier setup and in the second stage construction teams may be formed to move on site. We anticipate construction to start in the later part of 2014.

Workshop 1:
Large scale, master planning and cultural content:
1. Introduction to site, brief and special requirements of the project
2. Explore and develop ideas on master planning: institution as education

Workshop 2:
Intermediate scale, architectural / programmatic content:
3. Transform concepts to architectural proposals.
4. Spatial and functional modeling: institution as space

Workshop 3:
Small scale, material and human content:
5. Specificity
6. Indigenous, other construction and performative techniques: institution as material

The workshops aims to introduce young architects and students to:
• Humanitarian and socially as well as environmentally responsive architecture in remote territories
• Design a comprehensive architectural project as a model of a community institution
• Techniques and innovative methods of building in areas of limited resources

Eligibility, Registration and Selection
Participation to the OpenSource Architecture workshops and atelier is open to individuals and professionals who either by qualification or experience can make a contribution to its realization. These may be architects, designers, engineers, social and aid workers, etc. We would like to invite recent graduates and university students to participate. All participants should attend all workshops as well as the presentation event. There is no charge to join the workshops. There are limited seats.

Participation and Copyrights
Everyone who will participate and contribute will do so as a volunteer and will be credited. There will be no fees and no individual copyrights. OpenSource Architecture will have the right to decide and coordinate all the work produced in terms of media, publications, exhibitions and awards. The work produced during these workshops will be developed further towards the construction of the project. All workshop participants are eligible to join this stage.

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